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Accessible Bathroom Remodeling

handicap accessible bathroom

If we are being honest, not many of our clients are really aware of what this service is actually all about. When we speak about an accessible bathroom, we are in essence referring to how easy it is to move around in the space. We find that this service is mostly needed by those clients who are looking to add a handicap bathroom to their business premises, or generally our residential clients who may have some sort of medical impairment that requires a modification or two to their bathroom. So have a look below to find out more about this fantastically unique service.

What Is It All About?

This service is all about making it easier to access not just your bathroom, but the features contained within. Firstly we can start by widening the doorway so that it allows space for a walker or wheelchair. This can also be done to your shower door if needs be. We are also able to add a wide range of grab bars to your bathroom. This will make it easier for you to use the shower, toilet, bath, and other features in your bathroom. So to find out more about how this amazing service can make your life easier today. Pick up the phone and call us right away.

What Do We Actually Do?

The most important thing to remember when it comes to planning your new bathroom is accessibility.  Not just for the room itself, but the features as well. We start by always suggesting that you let us install a roll-in shower. Next, we need to tackle your bath if you have one. Following that we add hardware to ensure stability and expand the entranceway. Lastly, we adjust the height of all your sinks and toilets to ensure ease of access and use. There are a few more things that we do, but to find out what they are, you should give us a call.

What Will It Cost?

This will entirely depend on what your specific needs maybe when it comes to your uniquely designed bathroom. The simple fact is that these features, even the entry-level components do not come cheap. This is especially true if you require us to install a roll-in shower, walk-in bath, or other structural changes. Accessible bathroom remodeling is a valuable investment in your home and wellbeing that gives you the peace of mind and ease of use it provides is truly priceless.

Variety Is Key

This is where we really set ourselves apart when it comes to providing our clients with everything they need. Our wide range of high-quality solutions will ensure that your space always works for you. From grab bars to non-slip mats. Walk-in baths to extended doorways and everything in between. We have you covered. Our wide variety of solutions are designed to ensure that no matter what your budget may be, we have the solution for you. So put us to the test today and give us a call. We promise you will not be disappointed.

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